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Thriving Your Love Workshops

We facilitate workshops for couples and parents and a group for women. We briefly explain each of the workshops on this page, and you can click the bottom "learn more" to get more information.

We also have a couples-intensive weekend for those who want to delve into their relationships and accelerate their growth. 


For Couples

Hold Me Tight Workshop®

Dr. Sue Johnson developed the Hold Me Tight® program based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and her bestselling book, Hold Me Tight®, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. The workshop is led by Claudio Silva, LMFT, and Tricia Kim Walsh, LMFT.

The Hold Me Tight Workshop helps you 1) deepen your love and connection,

2) develop new skills to recognize the cycle and patterns that harm your relationship and keep you separate and apart, and 3) begin to confidently highlight the strengths of your relationship and build on the love that already exists. 

Price: $1,200.00

For Parents

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen Workshop

This workshop is based on the best-selling book How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and How To Listen So Kids Will Talk by parent educators Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. We show you how you can connect emotionally to your children so that they feel accepted and understood. We teach you a different way of talking to your children, focused on something other than giving advice or showing authority. This will help them to trust you with their feelings so that you will become their confidant.


Price: $950.00


For Women

Women of Worth Interpersonal Process Group

The Women of Worth (W.o.W) Interpersonal Process group offers a combination of psycho-education, support, and interpersonal process (interaction). Each group will be organic and unique. We will be focusing on self-compassion, vulnerability, resilience, building healthy relationships, self-care and strengthening inner worthiness and trust in oneself and others. 
Goals are to deepen an awareness of emotions, increase worthiness, and enhance interpersonal relationships. The focus is on building a kinship and community where all identities are welcome. The objective is for each member to feel greatly supported in the group and see consistently positive change occurring in their lives as a result of the group process.

Price: $ 70.00

What They Say About Us ?

Hold Me Tight workshop®

Claudio and Tricia are the perfect team to lead this workshop -- they're warm, knowledgeable, and so, so kind. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend than having these meaningful, marriage-changing conversations with my partner.

Ready to Thrive Your Love?

There's no better investment than learning to get along better with the people we love. The result is more love, more happiness, and more connection.  

Let's Connect

Tricia Kim Walsh, LMFT 51889 | (925) 952-5835
4279 Piedmont Ave Ste 2
Oakland, CA 94611
The following are our professional connections:
Couples Recovery Center
Affair Recovery Center
Christian Counseling Center
Northern California Community for EFT
Claudio Vargas Silva, LMFT 82582 | (408) 658-8576
1510 Fashion Island Ste 110
San Mateo, CA 94404


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Thriving Your Love Workshops and Therapy

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