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Four Core Holiday Survivors for Couples

The holiday and winter season can be incredibly special but also incredibly stressful. Look no further to those quick tips you and your partner need to feel connected and thriving in your love. I have compiled a helpful and comprehensive list of intimate ways to feel closer and connected to your partner during the holidays. I welcome your input if you have suggestions and insights.


Understanding Attachment

In this episode, we will give you a helpful overview of where love comes from parent to child and, as adults, partner to partner. This is the critical ingredient to Emotionally Focused Therapy. Our brain is designed for connection, and we seek proximity to others from the very moment we are born. 


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The Importance of Relationships

Human beings are social by nature. Our brain is designed for connection, and from birth, we seek proximity to others. Connection with a loved one makes us feel solid and secure. Our brain works optimally, and we become curious and creative. We are more courageous, and the challenges of life seem less threatening. Like children who explore the world, confident that their parents are there for them, we tackle our duties with the confidence that our soul mate has our back.

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