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EFT Supervision

We offer supervision to therapists learning emotionally focused therapy (EFT). It takes time to know EFT, and therapists must attend training, read books, and watch videos of therapy sessions. In addition, therapists need to have at least eight hours of supervision to master the modality. We have gone through this process and understand how much work and dedication are required to feel confident as an EFT therapist. We also know that the therapist is a human being who can be affected by their client's issues. We are here to help you go through this process to achieve your goal.

Claudio's EFT Story

As soon as I finished my master's degree in the science of counseling, I wanted to give workshops for couples. First, I trained to facilitate a workshop based on communication skills such as active listening, I-feeling statements, and problem-solving. Then, I taught these skills to couples I helped in my office. Unfortunately, most of the couples stopped coming by the fourth session. 
Then, a therapist talked to me about emotionally focused therapy. I attended a presentation by Dr. Sue Johnson at the Evolution of Psychotherapy in 2009, in which she showed a video of herself helping a couple. At that time, I couldn't be convinced that an indirect and experiential method could be effective in helping couples. I still thought teaching couples communication skills was the best way to help them. I remember being intrigued when a colleague told me that when couples were angry, they could not use the communication skills they learned.

At the end of 2015, I watched the videos of a couple's treatment by Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen. I was amazed to see how she could help the couple with only ten sessions. In 2016, I took the Externship, and in the same year, I took the core skills training. Although I thought I would have learned EFT by the end of core skills, I realized I had not yet mastered the modality. I felt insecure in sessions because I didn't want to use the communication method I used before, but I also couldn't use EFT effectively. I remember a couple I treated using only reflections, risssc, and enactments.  Even though I knew very little at that time, they moved from relational distress to emotional connection in only 20 sessions. I realized that although I had not yet mastered the EFT skills, I was on the right track. Then, I decided to read EFT books written for therapists and watch videos of sessions by EFT trainers.
After that, I decided to get supervision. One of my supervisors, Carol Walsh, LMFT, told me that although I was doing excellent therapy, it wasn't still EFT. However, because I had read so much about EFT and had watched several tapes, I was able to get my videos of Stage One and Stage Two quickly. By the end of 2018, I had two videos of Stage 2 and a video of Stage 1, and I was certified in April 2019. It took me three years, from beginning to end, to get the certification.
Although it was a long process to be certified, it was worth it. I felt very secure as a therapist and proud of my work. The couples I helped would stick with therapy for several sessions, and they would report significant progress in their relationship.
I hope you can have this pride as well. I have written my EFT story because I thought it might help to motivate you to pursue your EFT certification. Although it will take some time and effort, you will be happy you persevered. You'll feel confident in your work and satisfied to see your couples thriving.

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